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I HATE writing bad reviews. Not quite as much as I hate reading books I don’t enjoy, but pretty damn close! Part of it is that I’m fully aware that other readers, with different tastes, may enjoy the same book I hated. That’s why publishers have more than one author! And unlike some of the mental midgets that seem to love to review on Amazon, I try to say WHY I didn’t like the book. There’s more to a review than, “Gee, I really loved this book.” or “This book sucked. Don’t waste your money.” I mean really, the author obviously put time and effort into his creation, can’t you at least provide some constructive criticism? I didn’t like the book because: I never could like the character/s; I didn’t understand what the author was trying to say; The vocabulary used seemed to be geared more towards professionals in field; I kept losing track of conversations in the first person; the printing errors kept taking my attention away from the story. See? Feel free to use one of these if you feel the need to write a bad review. Unless, of course, you personally know the author and have an axe to grind…which is what I usually suspect when I read short, spiteful, and cutting bad reviews.

Well, I guess I’ve put off writing the bad review for the book I just read as long as I can.


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