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Are people becoming more selfish or am I just getting too old (and the answer is the first part, NOT the second part)? This morning, I decided to drive through McD’s for a Mcgriddle (love those things). There was a bit of a line, but that’s pretty normal for that time of morning. After about a minute, the car in front of me pulls up to the speaker to order. There’s probably 4 cars in front of her. After about two minutes, the driver decides this is taking too long so she just pulls out of the line and drives off. No biggie right? No…let’s think for a minute. Who do you suppose is going to get ‘her’ order? That’s right, ME. When they tried to give me her order, I explained she had driven off. Of course, I had to explain this to both the cashier AND at the delivery window. So once again let me ask this inconsiderate person “Why are you so much more important than me?” If you knew you only had a couple of minutes, why in the HELL would you pull into a drive-thru behind a LINE of cars? OK, maybe they didn’t have any money? Why in the HELL didn’t you check that BEFORE you ordered? I put these folks on a par with those who park in the handicapped slots, but obviously ARE NOT handicapped. I don’t care if you are driving Grandma’s car that has a sticker…unless Grandma is WITH you NOW and plans to enter the store…you SHOULDN’T park there. Back when I had to drop my kids off at daycare on my way to work, there was a loading zone for the daycare bus at the front of the building. The parking slots were RIGHT BESIDE this loading zone which was clearly marked NO PARKING. Since parents’ were required to walk their child into the building, that obviously means nobody should park their car in the loading zone, right? WRONG!!! It seems like every morning I would have to drive around some inconsiderate a@#hole whose time was apparently SO MUCH more important than mine that they couldn’t spare that extra ONE MINUTE it would take to pull another 10 feet to a parking place. Nope, they were so important, they would put their car in park, leave it running, walk their kid inside, walk them to their room, kiss them bye, and then come out and hop in their car (still running mind you) and take off. The devil that lives on my left shoulder often tempted me to get in their car and park it in a legal slot while they were dropping off their child and put the keys on the front desk. Wouldn’t that have been a scream? But I’m guessing these uber-important people would probably have gotten pissed and sued me or something. And how about the idiots who use the self-pay lane at the grocery/Wal-Mart/etc yet DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE IT? Maybe a better time to LEARN would be sometime other than the freaking BUSIEST RUSH HOUR TIMES of the day? If there’s a long line, and you don’t know what you’re doing…then get the hell over in the cashier line and let those of us who can finish in seconds get through and out of the store since THAT’S WHY WE ARE USING THAT LINE! Ditto for folks in the drive-thru lanes at the bank. Just get the hell out of your car and go in if it’s going to take you 20 minutes at the drive-thru! And could you please have your deposit slips/checks/paperwork filled out BEFORE you get to the window? Those of us who have our Shit together would appreciate that.

Ok, I think I’m done with today’s rant.


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