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Well, the kids start school tomorrow. As they’re both teenagers (16 & 17), that won’t really be much of a change to my days. I’ll still get up and go to work. But now, I get to make sure they’re conscious vs comatose when I leave in the mornings! Speaking of teenagers, especially male teenagers since that’s what I have…my youngest turned 16 on August 4th. He asked if he could invite some friends over. We settled on the 6th and so that evening there were 5 young men plus my two totalling 7. They remained downstairs for the most part, playing Xbox and on the computers and being loud like young men are. I think they don’t realize that deep voices carry, so they don’t think about how loud they actually are. Anyway, when I went to bed around 10:30pm, they were still going strong. My husband yelled down the stairwell to keep it down and they did fairly well. Now I get up at least once during the night. When I did so at around 3:00am, they were still going strong. When I got up and left for work at 6:30am, still going. What are they? Energizer bunnies? I guess I can vaguely recall having the stamina to stay awake that long! So, Thursday I come home from work, walk in the door, and…wait…what’s that smell? That’s eau de homme apparently. It’s a mixture of testosterone, sweat, and smelly feet. So now my whole downstairs smells like teenage boys. I figure I’ll just get a power sprayer and a bunch of Febreeze and de-contaminate everything on the lower level. Here’s hoping it works.

And just checked my book #s. Up to 556 for the year.


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