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Never thought I’d be a blogger…not sure what to do.  Today is a 6 I think.  Still have to finish the @#$% taxes.  Served 20 years in the military and now all my retirement pay (including my disability pay…more on that in a minute) goes to pay my freaking taxes!  Why?  Apparently because I’m stupid enough to keep working.  Ah well…

Disability pay…what a joke.  Did y’all know that when you retire from the military, unless you’re considered more than 50% disabled, every penny you receive in ‘disability pay’ is subtracted from your retirement pay?  So you get no extra pay for being disabled unless you are more than 50% disabled.  Yes folks, your government at work.  No more on that or I’ll soon have a throbbing vein in my forehead!!

Enough…I found something to say today, hooray.


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