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Tax Day…

Well, another year, another tax bill. It’s 10:00pm and I just hit the send button to e-file. I think tomorrow I’ll go reward myself with a new book! Today is another 6 (out of 10). Work wasn’t bad. Didn’t have to cook cause hubby and son #2 brought home pizza while I was doing taxes. Now if I could just figure out a way to add 2 extra hours of sleep in tonight…Oh well, at least Friday is payday.

Was talking to a co-worker about men/males on Monday. Ladies, have you ever noticed that they always ask us where everything is? “Honey/Mom, have you seen my shirt/shoes/belt?” I find myself wanting to ask them, “Gee, was I the last one to wear it?” It’s like we must have the magic I-know-where-everything-is gene. It must come along with estrogen, eh? And worse…we usually do know where the shirt/shoes/belt is/are. Maybe because we notice when they leave them where they’re NOT supposed to be? God bless ’em.


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