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Today has been a 5 for injuries. I feel like such an idiot, but yesterday as I was walking in the parking lot of where I work…I tripped and fell…pretty hard. So now I have a bloody skinned right knee and wrenched my left knee pretty badly. So today I’m moving like an elderly person…very irritating. Since I’m trying to rest the knees, I’ve spent most of the day reading and reviewing. Now if only somebody would pay me to do so!!

If you’re interested in reading any of my reviews (mostly erotica and romance), check out queuemyreview.com here on wordpress, or jjmachshev on librarything.com, or jjmachshev on goodreads.com

And if any of you out there know someone who would pay me to read my minimum of one book a day…be sure and contact me!!!!


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