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Why is writing well in English a dying art? I teach adults a foreign language and it’s very distressing to see, day after day, what they consider “flowing, colloquial English”. Mis-spelling, poor contruction, bad grammar…what do they teach in English class these days? I realize I sound like an old fogey…but really people, this is your native tongue! Most other countries in the world produce fluent bilingual citizens at the least. Here in America, apparently we can’t even produce functioning monolingual citizens.

I think a good bit can be blamed on a decrease in book reading. I read at least one book a day. So far for 2008, I’m up to 302 books. That’s assuming I didn’t miss any. I never used to count until several people asked me how many books I read in a week/month/year, etc. I realized I didn’t know. So this year I’m keeping track over on Goodreads.com. I’ve been on a romance/erotica kick for the last couple of years. I still read the occasional s/f, suspense, history, non-fiction, etc., especially those by my favorite authors. Reading takes me to a different place. In some ways, I think it’s my escape. I’m just not sure from what…


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