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I thought that might get your attention. Can I just say, “What the HELL is going on in schools today?” Now, I’m a product of the 60/70s and may I just say that we had drug issues in school. I still think it’s funny when I meet people my age who say they never tried pot. Because where I lived, if you didn’t that means that you were either 1-the biggest nerd on the face of the earth, or 2-lying out your ass! In any event, that was then…this is now.

Today I got a call from my son’s school. He’s a senior in high school. He now drives himself and his brother and had borrowed one of our cars (he and his father are working on a junker to get it running so he can have his own, but must work for it) to drive. Apparently he forgot to hang his parking pass on the rearview, so the ‘rent-a-cops’ looked through the windshield to see if it had dropped or whatever. Well, you’ll never guess what they found? (At this point I’m sweating while on the phone thinking “oh my God, what could it be?”) I was starchily informed that they found some cigarettes which could result in a suspension (they were my spare pack that I keep in every car), but even worse (with a scary pause), “We found TYLENOL capsules.” There was a pregnant pause while I waited for the bad thing. But apparently Tylenol WAS the bad thing. When the guy on the phone said that any drugs, even over-the-counter ones, are usually cause for removal of the student for the ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR, I was almost in shock. Then he went on to say that yes, they were indeed Tylenol, but I should make sure any drugs are removed from the car and thank my lucky stars that he didn’t have to report this.

Once my heart started beating again, I began to simmer. I’m now on full boil. WHAT THE HELL? My son can walk into WalMart right now and buy Tylenol because it’s on over-the-counter medication. But apparently, school policy is that ANY drug, even a legal perscribed one, can only be held and administered via the school nurse. Did I move out of the United States when I wasn’t looking? I am a firm believer in ‘zero tolerance in schools’, but I assumed (and yes, I know what that makes me) that they were talking about alcohol, illegal drugs, etc. NOT freaking Tylenol! My son explained when he got home (after I apologized) that some enterprizing drug sellers will take apart Tylenol capsules, substitute whatever drug they are selling, and then put the capsule back together in an effort to escape detection…so the school has banned Tylenol. But here’s the kicker…even if they test it and it’s really Tylenol, they still kick the kid out of school for the rest of the school year. Meaning the kid has to go to ‘alternative school’. So if they weren’t already a drug dealer, by the time they finish in ‘alternative school’, they WILL be. Now I’m just flabbergasted, stunned, dismayed, and really pissed. How draconian do our schools need to be?

OK, OK…I’ve got to stop bloggin about this or I may just explode!!!


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