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I’m back on my soapbox regarding the link between readers and command of one’s native language (whatever it may be). My two kids, boys 16 & 17, are big readers…just like me. They also score in the highest levels on the standardized tests in ‘language arts’. If you take the time to talk with educators, you’ll find there is a distinct correlation between reading and language facility to include command of syntax, grammar, and vocabulary. Nuff said?

Today is a 7! I got my car back!! I spent Saturday out in the middle of BFE reading as I waited for a tow truck. My timing belt went. You try finding a tow truck on a late Saturday afternoon. That pretty much shot the weekend to hell and back. But, now I have my own wheels again instead of borrowing hubby’s car while he rides his motorcycle (like that bothers him…). Anyway, read two books today…wrote two reviews, and now to bed!!


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