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Being the readaholic that I am, I have lists of lists. If you are interested in checking out what I plan to read and review in the upcoming months, go to Amazon and check out the wishlists of Julie L. Anderson. They are arranged by month (of course) and, if you can see the notes and priority, a couple of months prior to their release I arrange them by day of release in that month. So if you look at the 1008 wishlist (Oct of 2008), then if you look at the priority/notes section under each book, there should be a day (1, 7, 14, 21, 28, or 31). If you didn’t know, media is released on Tuesdays. The majority of books are released either the first or last Tuesday of the month! Some big authors (Roberts, Hooper, Lowell, etc) will have a mid-month Friday release (to separate them from the riffraff?) to make their books stand out. Finally, some publishers just say Oct 2008 so most bookstores will put them on the shelf on the 1st of that month (BAM is good about this, Border’s not so much and B&N varies). Now, wasn’t that more than you ever wanted to know about upcoming books and when to look for them?

All this is assuming I don’t receive an ARC (advance reader copy) to review. These are special early prints of upcoming releases that publishers and publicists pass out to review sites hoping to gin up some buzz on the upcoming release. Sometimes they look NOTHING like the finished product and sometimes the only way you can tell is a circular stamp-looking thing on the front cover of the book. If I get energetic this weekend, I’ll try to take some pics of ARCs for exemplars…

Happy reading!


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I HATE writing bad reviews. Not quite as much as I hate reading books I don’t enjoy, but pretty damn close! Part of it is that I’m fully aware that other readers, with different tastes, may enjoy the same book I hated. That’s why publishers have more than one author! And unlike some of the mental midgets that seem to love to review on Amazon, I try to say WHY I didn’t like the book. There’s more to a review than, “Gee, I really loved this book.” or “This book sucked. Don’t waste your money.” I mean really, the author obviously put time and effort into his creation, can’t you at least provide some constructive criticism? I didn’t like the book because: I never could like the character/s; I didn’t understand what the author was trying to say; The vocabulary used seemed to be geared more towards professionals in field; I kept losing track of conversations in the first person; the printing errors kept taking my attention away from the story. See? Feel free to use one of these if you feel the need to write a bad review. Unless, of course, you personally know the author and have an axe to grind…which is what I usually suspect when I read short, spiteful, and cutting bad reviews.

Well, I guess I’ve put off writing the bad review for the book I just read as long as I can.

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I’m such a readaholic! People I work with often comment how they never see me without a book in hand. And that’s so very true. I’m always reading two or three books at one time…unless one grabs me and won’t let go. At which point, I finish it and move on. I lost count of the number of friends and coworkers who’ve asked me, “How many books do you read in a day/week/month/year?” And I realized I couldn’t give a good answer. So, in January of 2008, I began keeping track on Goodreads.com. Then I got a few questions from people there about whether or not I like the book I’d added to my Library. Next thing I know, I’m trying to write at least a short review of each book I read. Now I’m reviewing for queuemyreview.com which reviews all the romance genres. I’ve also had a few requests from authors to review. So here I am, reading and reviewing. And having a blast!!

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