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Being the readaholic that I am, I have lists of lists. If you are interested in checking out what I plan to read and review in the upcoming months, go to Amazon and check out the wishlists of Julie L. Anderson. They are arranged by month (of course) and, if you can see the notes and priority, a couple of months prior to their release I arrange them by day of release in that month. So if you look at the 1008 wishlist (Oct of 2008), then if you look at the priority/notes section under each book, there should be a day (1, 7, 14, 21, 28, or 31). If you didn’t know, media is released on Tuesdays. The majority of books are released either the first or last Tuesday of the month! Some big authors (Roberts, Hooper, Lowell, etc) will have a mid-month Friday release (to separate them from the riffraff?) to make their books stand out. Finally, some publishers just say Oct 2008 so most bookstores will put them on the shelf on the 1st of that month (BAM is good about this, Border’s not so much and B&N varies). Now, wasn’t that more than you ever wanted to know about upcoming books and when to look for them?

All this is assuming I don’t receive an ARC (advance reader copy) to review. These are special early prints of upcoming releases that publishers and publicists pass out to review sites hoping to gin up some buzz on the upcoming release. Sometimes they look NOTHING like the finished product and sometimes the only way you can tell is a circular stamp-looking thing on the front cover of the book. If I get energetic this weekend, I’ll try to take some pics of ARCs for exemplars…

Happy reading!

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Are people becoming more selfish or am I just getting too old (and the answer is the first part, NOT the second part)? This morning, I decided to drive through McD’s for a Mcgriddle (love those things). There was a bit of a line, but that’s pretty normal for that time of morning. After about a minute, the car in front of me pulls up to the speaker to order. There’s probably 4 cars in front of her. After about two minutes, the driver decides this is taking too long so she just pulls out of the line and drives off. No biggie right? No…let’s think for a minute. Who do you suppose is going to get ‘her’ order? That’s right, ME. When they tried to give me her order, I explained she had driven off. Of course, I had to explain this to both the cashier AND at the delivery window. So once again let me ask this inconsiderate person “Why are you so much more important than me?” If you knew you only had a couple of minutes, why in the HELL would you pull into a drive-thru behind a LINE of cars? OK, maybe they didn’t have any money? Why in the HELL didn’t you check that BEFORE you ordered? I put these folks on a par with those who park in the handicapped slots, but obviously ARE NOT handicapped. I don’t care if you are driving Grandma’s car that has a sticker…unless Grandma is WITH you NOW and plans to enter the store…you SHOULDN’T park there. Back when I had to drop my kids off at daycare on my way to work, there was a loading zone for the daycare bus at the front of the building. The parking slots were RIGHT BESIDE this loading zone which was clearly marked NO PARKING. Since parents’ were required to walk their child into the building, that obviously means nobody should park their car in the loading zone, right? WRONG!!! It seems like every morning I would have to drive around some inconsiderate a@#hole whose time was apparently SO MUCH more important than mine that they couldn’t spare that extra ONE MINUTE it would take to pull another 10 feet to a parking place. Nope, they were so important, they would put their car in park, leave it running, walk their kid inside, walk them to their room, kiss them bye, and then come out and hop in their car (still running mind you) and take off. The devil that lives on my left shoulder often tempted me to get in their car and park it in a legal slot while they were dropping off their child and put the keys on the front desk. Wouldn’t that have been a scream? But I’m guessing these uber-important people would probably have gotten pissed and sued me or something. And how about the idiots who use the self-pay lane at the grocery/Wal-Mart/etc yet DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE IT? Maybe a better time to LEARN would be sometime other than the freaking BUSIEST RUSH HOUR TIMES of the day? If there’s a long line, and you don’t know what you’re doing…then get the hell over in the cashier line and let those of us who can finish in seconds get through and out of the store since THAT’S WHY WE ARE USING THAT LINE! Ditto for folks in the drive-thru lanes at the bank. Just get the hell out of your car and go in if it’s going to take you 20 minutes at the drive-thru! And could you please have your deposit slips/checks/paperwork filled out BEFORE you get to the window? Those of us who have our Shit together would appreciate that.

Ok, I think I’m done with today’s rant.

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Fond memories

I think the first true novel I read was “The Exorcist” by William Peter Blatty in ’73 or ’74. I remember the movie had just come out and people were freaking out. My parents said I was too young to read it, so I begged a teenager at church to loan me a copy just for Sunday afternoon. I sat down and read the whole thing in about 3 1/2 hours. Mom caught me and grounded me (I would have been 11 or so) for a week, but I still think it was worth it.

I also remember getting in trouble alot because Mom or Dad would catch me reading in bed under the covers with a flashlight after bedtime. I got better at hearing them coming before I could hide the flashlight and book, but I still think it was worth it.

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I thought that might get your attention. Can I just say, “What the HELL is going on in schools today?” Now, I’m a product of the 60/70s and may I just say that we had drug issues in school. I still think it’s funny when I meet people my age who say they never tried pot. Because where I lived, if you didn’t that means that you were either 1-the biggest nerd on the face of the earth, or 2-lying out your ass! In any event, that was then…this is now.

Today I got a call from my son’s school. He’s a senior in high school. He now drives himself and his brother and had borrowed one of our cars (he and his father are working on a junker to get it running so he can have his own, but must work for it) to drive. Apparently he forgot to hang his parking pass on the rearview, so the ‘rent-a-cops’ looked through the windshield to see if it had dropped or whatever. Well, you’ll never guess what they found? (At this point I’m sweating while on the phone thinking “oh my God, what could it be?”) I was starchily informed that they found some cigarettes which could result in a suspension (they were my spare pack that I keep in every car), but even worse (with a scary pause), “We found TYLENOL capsules.” There was a pregnant pause while I waited for the bad thing. But apparently Tylenol WAS the bad thing. When the guy on the phone said that any drugs, even over-the-counter ones, are usually cause for removal of the student for the ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR, I was almost in shock. Then he went on to say that yes, they were indeed Tylenol, but I should make sure any drugs are removed from the car and thank my lucky stars that he didn’t have to report this.

Once my heart started beating again, I began to simmer. I’m now on full boil. WHAT THE HELL? My son can walk into WalMart right now and buy Tylenol because it’s on over-the-counter medication. But apparently, school policy is that ANY drug, even a legal perscribed one, can only be held and administered via the school nurse. Did I move out of the United States when I wasn’t looking? I am a firm believer in ‘zero tolerance in schools’, but I assumed (and yes, I know what that makes me) that they were talking about alcohol, illegal drugs, etc. NOT freaking Tylenol! My son explained when he got home (after I apologized) that some enterprizing drug sellers will take apart Tylenol capsules, substitute whatever drug they are selling, and then put the capsule back together in an effort to escape detection…so the school has banned Tylenol. But here’s the kicker…even if they test it and it’s really Tylenol, they still kick the kid out of school for the rest of the school year. Meaning the kid has to go to ‘alternative school’. So if they weren’t already a drug dealer, by the time they finish in ‘alternative school’, they WILL be. Now I’m just flabbergasted, stunned, dismayed, and really pissed. How draconian do our schools need to be?

OK, OK…I’ve got to stop bloggin about this or I may just explode!!!

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I HATE writing bad reviews. Not quite as much as I hate reading books I don’t enjoy, but pretty damn close! Part of it is that I’m fully aware that other readers, with different tastes, may enjoy the same book I hated. That’s why publishers have more than one author! And unlike some of the mental midgets that seem to love to review on Amazon, I try to say WHY I didn’t like the book. There’s more to a review than, “Gee, I really loved this book.” or “This book sucked. Don’t waste your money.” I mean really, the author obviously put time and effort into his creation, can’t you at least provide some constructive criticism? I didn’t like the book because: I never could like the character/s; I didn’t understand what the author was trying to say; The vocabulary used seemed to be geared more towards professionals in field; I kept losing track of conversations in the first person; the printing errors kept taking my attention away from the story. See? Feel free to use one of these if you feel the need to write a bad review. Unless, of course, you personally know the author and have an axe to grind…which is what I usually suspect when I read short, spiteful, and cutting bad reviews.

Well, I guess I’ve put off writing the bad review for the book I just read as long as I can.

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Well, the kids start school tomorrow. As they’re both teenagers (16 & 17), that won’t really be much of a change to my days. I’ll still get up and go to work. But now, I get to make sure they’re conscious vs comatose when I leave in the mornings! Speaking of teenagers, especially male teenagers since that’s what I have…my youngest turned 16 on August 4th. He asked if he could invite some friends over. We settled on the 6th and so that evening there were 5 young men plus my two totalling 7. They remained downstairs for the most part, playing Xbox and on the computers and being loud like young men are. I think they don’t realize that deep voices carry, so they don’t think about how loud they actually are. Anyway, when I went to bed around 10:30pm, they were still going strong. My husband yelled down the stairwell to keep it down and they did fairly well. Now I get up at least once during the night. When I did so at around 3:00am, they were still going strong. When I got up and left for work at 6:30am, still going. What are they? Energizer bunnies? I guess I can vaguely recall having the stamina to stay awake that long! So, Thursday I come home from work, walk in the door, and…wait…what’s that smell? That’s eau de homme apparently. It’s a mixture of testosterone, sweat, and smelly feet. So now my whole downstairs smells like teenage boys. I figure I’ll just get a power sprayer and a bunch of Febreeze and de-contaminate everything on the lower level. Here’s hoping it works.

And just checked my book #s. Up to 556 for the year.

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